“That's what I love about Detroit Voodoo, their stageshow, awesome music, and true showmanship. I love the new single TREE. You heard it here first on Raw Radio X with Vinny Ricco!!” Vinny Ricco - Raw Radio X (The Vinny Ricco show) ” - Vinny Ricco

— Raw Radio X

“For those who made it out early, Detroit Voodoo got the day started off. I don't think any other band could have opened the show better than Detroit Voodoo did. Playing songs such as "Memories" and "Save Me", they bring intensity and energy to the stage comparable to Pantera and Anthrax. Their stage presence was impressive in that...they could get people moshing that early in the day. They impressed me more than most would expect. ” Lawrence the Lost - Rockstars Glued ” - Lawrence the Lost

— Rockstars Glued

“I really like this song since the 1st time I heard it on your demo I got months back… I really like it!!!! I want to try and add it to octane bro! maybe even a few plays would be cool…. but I’ll send this to my supervisor to get his final word… but I liked from 1st time!!!!! thanks for reaching out man… really good shit! ” Jose Mangin-Format Manager // On-Air Talent SiriusXM Radio” - Jose Mangin

— Sirius XM Radio

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