Detroit Voodoo

This song is about life changes, how a tree can represent who we are, and features Leah Guerrero from American Idol 2014

If you had to pick a tree to represent who you are, what would you be? This single is about a life journey of a young couple that lose their way from each other mid life, but reunite at their resting spot under this tree. It's a reminder to all that life is short and we lose track of people that are very dear to us. Reunite with that someone before time slips away.

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    Tree 3:09

Rise of the Medicine Man

Detroit Voodoo

The album takes you to a place to escape reality and relates to everyday life. The Medicine Man will have you moving to the beat of the voodoo drum. Added bonus tracks of remastered "Get Back" and instrumental.

Detroit Voodoo unleashes their motor city nu/groove metal to the world! Rube on vocals, Nico on guitar, Big E on bass, and Stephen on drums. The band produces music that was inspired by and similar to Korn, White Zombie, Slipknot, Pantera, and Five Finger Death Punch. Their energetic music has that certain bounce and groove that makes you want to move and gets your blood flowing. Strong, yet melodic vocals, heavy guitar riffs, deep bass drops, and pulsating drums all create The Rise Of The Medicine Man.

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